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5  BIG Reasons to Call Endicott Real Estate Group Today:

1. We Guarantee the Sale Of Your Home 

     ** Your Home Sold GUARANTEED, or We'll  Buy It!* 
To discuss the sale of your home (with no obligation) call Xuning at (775) 815-8395 and Start Packing!* See our Satisfaction Guarantee at https://www.nevadahousetalk.com/

 2. We Guarantee The Purchase Of Your Home Or We Will Buy It Back

 ** If You Don't LOVE the Home You Buy Through Us, We'll  Buy It Back!* To discuss the purchasing a home, call Xuning  and Start Packing!* (775) 815-8395

  3. We Sell Homes Faster

 The Endicott Real Estate Group Sells Homes On Average  In 43 Days. The Average Agent Sells Homes In 60 Days. *Per Nevada MLS Data 2019 

4. We Sell Homes For More Money

We sell our homes for 2.4% more in sales price when compared to your average agent.  This means real dollars in your pocket.

5. There is NO Risk and We Offer Performance Guarantees* to our Clients.

Your Home SOLD Guaranteed or We'll Buy it at a Price YOU Agree to!*

 No Gimmicks! For more information on 0ur Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program visit www.nevadahousetalk.com or you can call Ernest now at (775) 815-8395 and Start Packing!

*  Seller and Prime Time Home Team Must Agree On Price and Conditions

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